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Tornadoes, Hurricane cleanup & California Flooding

It has been a wild few months in the world of disaster relief. Please find below an update summarizing just some of the damage from the many natural disasters recently experienced across the United States, and ways in which NABF partners are at work providing relief.

Here’s what’s been happening:
Flooding in California

A barrage of atmospheric river storms dumped rain and snow on California for weeks starting in late December, cutting power to thousands, swamping roads, toppling trees, unleashing debris flows and triggering landslides. The most recent system, one of nine atmospheric rivers within three weeks, was relatively weak compared with earlier storms, but flooding and mudslide risks remain because the state is so saturated.

Flooding in Merced
A neighbourhood is flooded in Merced, CA. (Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

Cleanup from the floods as well as from heavy snow that fell across the region continues. Donations can be made to the Red Cross, who continues to help those affected by flooding in the area.

Severe Tornadoes in Alabama and Georgia: January 12th, 2023

The National Weather Service continues to assess the damage across Alabama following January 12th’s severe weather. The weather service in Birmingham found “at least” EF-3 damage in the Kingston area of Autauga County, where seven people died, and EF-2 damage in the Selma area in Dallas County.

The weather service added details about the Selma storm, saying it was high-end EF-2 tornado with peak winds estimated at 130 mph. There were two injuries blamed on the storm, which was on the ground for nearly half an hour. The tornado that hit Selma cut a wide path through the downtown area, where brick buildings collapsed, oak trees were uprooted, cars were on their side and power lines were left dangling. Plumes of thick, black smoke rose over the city from a fire burning. It wasn’t immediately known whether the storm caused the blaze.

Holiday Tornadoes: December 12-15th, 2022

Devastating tornadoes generated by a major winter storm hammering the central United States were reported Dec 12th through 15th in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and western Florida. At least three people have been reported dead, officials said, with dozens injured and extensive damage to property in areas that were still recovering from hurricanes this year.

WDSU's Tower Camera has captured a large tornado on the ground in the Lower Ninth Ward and Arabi.
WDSU’s Tower Camera has captured a large tornado on the ground in the Lower Ninth Ward and Arabi. (WDSU/CNN)

How You Can Help:

There are a number of ways to help the Alabama tornado and other tornado victims. Before making a donation, check out this guidance from the Better Business Bureau on the best ways to safely give after a disaster. Here are a few ways to donate to the recent Alabama tornado victims:

  • Black Belt Community Foundation: Black Belt Community Foundation collecting monetary donations to assist storm victims. You can donate here.
  • Central Alabama Community Foundation: The Central Alabama Community Foundation has been set up to assist those impacted by the recent storms and tornado. Funds can be donated here.
  • Red Cross: Local Red Cross disaster responders are working with local officials to identify community needs in the areas hardest hit by the tornadoes, including opening a shelter in Selma. Those who have been directly impacted by the storms and are in need of assistance should call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit

Stories from within the NABF

NABF member denomination Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF)’s Disaster Response division has been at work in a small community in Anguilla, Mississippi. A tornado shattered the Mason Trailer Park community in Anguilla on Wednesday, injuring three people and destroying several homes.

Some of the damage in Anguilla, MS where a trailer park experienced severe destruction. (CBF)

CBF Mississippi Coordinator Jason Coker visited the community and spoke with residents; some of the damage is shown in their video MS Tornado. Coker said that the dozen children in the community have lost everything except what they were wearing. Some have lost their homes and all property while others have had minor damage and are able to stay in their mobile home but have no electricity.

“We ask you to join us in responding to the unexpected devastation in Mississippi,” said Daynette Snead, CBF Domestic Disaster Response Manager. “This is an immediate need for families who have experienced significant loss during a time when we celebrate hope, joy, peace and love…”

CBF requests financial gifts to support emergency assistance efforts to support this community be sent through a gift to CBF Disaster Response here.

Stories from Hurricanes Ian

Hurricane Ian on September 28, 2022  | via Wikimedia.

The devastation left by Hurricane Ian has been immense. In addition to entire communities and counties being destroyed in Florida, Georgia and North and South Carolina, and parts of Cuba and the Caribbean, it is the deadliest hurricane since 1935. Over 144 people died in Florida, 5 in North Carolina and one in Virginia. The National Centers for Environmental Information estimates the cost of damage of Hurricane Ian to be $112.9 Billion, making it the costliest hurricane in Florida’s history.

National Baptist Convention of America Inc. (NBCA):

In December the Home Mission Board of NABF partner denomination National Baptist Convention of America Inc. (NBCA) presented $30,000 to the churches and community affected by Hurricane Ian towards recovery efforts. Cleanup, recovery and restoration efforts in affected areas in Florida, as well as in South Carolina have been ongoing since Ian landed this past September.

The check was presented late last year at the Progressive M & E State Convention Board Meeting in Panama City, FL. (Facebook)

Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC):

The Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) has also been hard at work helping with Hurricane Ian recovery, especially in the Fort Myers, FL area. Trucks of non-perishables, cash donations, as well as a Christmas turkey are just some of the ways in which PNBC has offered their assistance to those affected, working alongside the Red Cross and FEMA. We are grateful for their good work in our midst. Their 2022 disaster relief summary is available here.

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF): 

The CBF Disaster Response team has also been active in support of Hurricane Ian victims, channeling funds to support recovery and rebuilding efforts, and sending teams of volunteers to help rebuild ministries such as Cultivate Abundance, which was severely impacted by the storm. Read more about their efforts on their blog:

NABF Disaster Relief Summary 2022

from NABF Disaster Relief Coordinator, James Barbour

“It has certainly been a pleasure working as the NABF Disaster Relief Coordinator this year. To put it bluntly, I feel like a goalie on a championship soccer team, having to respond to so many tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and fire disasters in 2022! I pray that GOD will strengthen and prepare each of our NABF partner denomination’s Disaster Response and Relief Teams for appropriate disaster responses to what comes in 2023!

Please feel free to call me to discuss your ideas and suggestions anytime.”

James Barbour
NABF Disaster Relief Coordinator
Mobile: 301-523-1582
Toll Free:
1-888-615-6223 (1-888-615-NABF)

Please Pray.

Please pray: 

  • pray for US and Canadian citizens who continue to be affected by hurricanes Ian and Fiona, by tornadoes, and by flooding
  • pray for the many victims that have lost homes and lives
  • pray for the willing hearts and hands that are coming to give relief in these disasters

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We are grateful for your efforts and partnership in this important disaster relief work. To donate to the work of the NABF in coordinating and supporting these important disaster relief efforts across our continent, use the link/button below to donate by credit card or Zelle.

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Thank you, and may God bless you,

James R. Barbour

Disaster Relief Coordinator
North American Baptist Fellowship
Toll Free: 1-888-615-6223 

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