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A diverse community of 22 denominations and groups that serve their communities through 55,000 churches and 19.5 million congregants.

The North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) is a family of Baptist churches across the United States and Canada, united in service and faith and living out God’s call within our diverse communities across the continent. The NABF is a regional body of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), and aims to bring support and connection to our many denominations.

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Thanksgiving 2023

Thanksgiving 2023

Dear Friends & Colleagues, People have sometimes asked why Canadians have an earlier Thanksgiving; it may be because we have an earlier harvest time due to our northern climate. But who knows the real reason! To all of our American brothers and sisters, wishing...

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To Rosalynn, with thanks

This week we said farewell to Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, a committed Christian and profoundly effective humanitarian. In partnership with her husband, President Jimmy Carter, her commitment, particularly to mental health, human rights, and amongst many other...

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2023 NABF Annual Meeting

Join us for fellowship, inspiring conversation, networking opportunities and many ways to offer and receive support from one another.

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