Who We Are

About NABF

The North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF) is a family of Baptist churches across the United States and Canada, united in service and faith and living out God’s call within our diverse communities across the continent.

The NABF is a regional body of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), and aims to bring support and connection to our many member denominations, groups and individuals.

The membership of the NABF includes Baptist denominations, churches, as well as individuals who desire to remain engaged with the work of other Baptists in the US and Canada.

Connecting you with Baptists in North America

History of the NABF

Established in the 1960’s, the North American Baptist Fellowship has grown over the past 60 years to include over 20 denominations, and now represents 19 million congregants in the US and Canada.

Statement of Faith

We covenant with millions of Baptists worldwide to affirm the historical and Trinitarian Christian faith as expressed in Holy Scripture.

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