What We Do

The NABF is a family of Baptists across Canada and the US that offer fellowship, networking, mutual support and access to training opportunities relevant to our work in fulfilling the mission of Christ.

There are three main branches of current focus within the NABF community: Disaster Relief and Recovery, Creation Care, and the Scholars Collaboration.

We have sub-networks of individuals working in these areas across the continent.

We are also focused on supporting Baptist church health, as we emerge from the Covid Pandemic, the work of reconciliation in the church including continuing the work of The Angela Project, and in connecting those involved in the important work of Mental Health.

Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting, held annually in October, is an opportunity to connect with Baptist leaders from across the US and Canada.

Hear leaders speak on relevant issues, join networking conversations, and experience the fellowship of being together with other leaders working to fulfill God’s work where they are placed. Training courses on specific topics are also offered at this time.

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