NABF Collective (YLN)

The NABF Collective

A leadership network for Baptists ages 40 and Younger

During our 2023 NABF Annual Gathering we excitedly announced the launch of The NABF Collective, which is a leadership network for young Baptists who are ages 40 and younger. This new endeavor is being developed to create spaces of development, collaboration, innovation, and missional service and will be comprised of young leaders from the great diversity of member bodies that make up the North American Baptist Fellowship.

While The NABF Collective will be open to the vast group of younger leaders that fit within the targeted demographics, this network is specifically being developed for persons that:

    • Have an interest in international and/or global Christian service
    • Are open to diverse voices, ideas, and experiences
    • Desire to progress in their theology, leadership, and professional life
    • Have the potential to become a “leader of leaders” in the Baptist denominational world
    • Want to make a difference on a wider level, regarding critical issues that are affecting Canada and the US

This network will kick off in January 2024. We invite and encourage you to share this incredible opportunity with such leaders in your organization and acquaintance.

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