TULSA, Okla. (AP) — When White attackers destroyed the prosperous Black neighborhood of Greenwood 100 years ago this week, they bypassed the original sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of North Tulsa.

By the church’s own account, the attackers thought the brick veneer structure was too fine for a Black-owned church. The mob destroyed at least a half-dozen other churches while burning and leveling a 35-square-block neighborhood in one of the nation’s deadliest spasms of racist violence. Estimates of the death toll range from dozens to 300.

People attend a joint service for the centennial of the Tulsa Race Massacre at First Baptist Church of North Tulsa on May 30, 2021, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. (John Locher/Associated Press)

Read the full story here: https://wordandway.org/2021/05/30/tulsa-pastors-honor-holy-ground-100-years-after-massacre/

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