We are thrilled to announce that on January 10th at 1pm ET, the North American Baptist Fellowship welcomed our new President Emmett Dunn. Rev. Dunn will be known to may of you from his work with Lott Carey where he now serves as Executive Secretary-Treasurer, and for his 22 years of service on staff with the Baptist World Alliance. We look forward to the next season of the NABF under his clear and strong leadership.

Rev. Emmet Dunn, our new NABF President

We are also excited to welcome our incoming Administrative Officers of the General Council for 2023:

President: Rev. Emmett Dunn
Past President: Rev. Dr. Sam Tolbert
Treasurer: Rev. Dr. TaNikka Shepherd
Assistant General Secretary: Rev. Dr. TaNikka Sheppard
Recording Secretary: Zoe Ozirney

Vice Presidents:
Rev. Dr. Trisha Miller Manarin
Rev. Dr. Craig Christina

Members at Large:
Rev. Tim McCoy Rev. Dr. Willie Francois, III
Rev. Brian Ford Rev. Dr. Pat Hernandez
Rev. Dr. Pau Khan Lian Rev. Dr. Robert Cochran


Please join us in welcoming a fantastic group of strong and diverse leaders who we entrust to represent well our NABF family in the year to come.

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