There are a lot of problematic ideas animating American Christianity today. The false hopes stirred by the prosperity gospel linger. White supremacist and patriarchal readings of scripture continue to deny the Image of God and equal humanity inherent in each person while contributing to the perpetuation of unjust social structures. The White Nationalism that helped inspire the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol can be heard from many pulpits on Sunday mornings. 

To confront and undermine these and other diabolical teachings, Word&Way is launching a new podcast called Dangerous Dogma. Each episode features an interview with a leading Christian thinker or activist that focuses on the perils of certain doctrines. And the conversations look at alternative lessons from Jesus and scripture that challenge listeners to think and live more faithfully. 

The podcast is targeted to those who know that there’s a lot of things wrong with the contemporary Christian witness in America and are hungry for a different way of believing and witnessing to the good news found in Jesus Christ. 

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