Dear All,

Last week we hosted a meeting online of the NABF Disaster Relief Network. Our aim in our disaster relief work within the NABF is threefold:

  • Highlight the good disaster relief and recovery work that is being done within the NABF family across the continent and beyond
  • Connect leaders working in disaster relief with the aim of continuing to build a network of mutual support and shared resources
  • Be a connecting point for disaster relief efforts, connecting those who need help and those who can offer help

The latest email to our Disaster Relief (DR) mailing group (sign up here!) gives an overview of what was covered at our last meeting, and asks for feedback from DR leaders within the NABF to share how we can help them in their DR efforts. Read that email update here.

Are you involved in Disaster Relief in your area? Let us know here how the NABF can help you in your work.

In Christ,

NABF staff team

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