Dear friends and colleagues,

So many of us know and are close to many who have experienced the effect of hurricane Ida, as it has unfolded in these recent days. Our own NABF President Samuel Tolbert and his family had just finished repairs to their home from the hurricanes of last year when Ida hit. They are safe and well, and plan to move into their renovated home this weekend. Thanks be to God!

Please pray for those who are affected, particularly those in Louisiana and through the swaths of Ida and particularly the damage in the north, central, and east of the US and Canada, who are dealing with repeated devastating losses and for many who are living without power facing incredible challenges.

Please pray for all those involved in the evacuation of people from Afghanistan and please pray for those who are processing, welcoming, and receiving those whose lives have suddenly completely changed. Please pray for those who have been injured and killed in the process, particularly those Marines that died at the airport in Kabul.

We continue to be aware and concerned for those affected and those willing to aid in the recent Haitian earthquake. Please contact Marsha Scipio for further assistance.

Please pray for the radical decline in water security and drought through central and western US and Canada; for the devastating effects on agriculture and food security. We can’t begin to help the rest of the world in it’s hour of need when we ourselves cannot grow food. There are currently over 200 forest fires burning in British Columbia and in many other local places that you will know of from personal experience.

In Christ
Jeremy Bell

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