This Holy Week, as we mark the Passion of Christ, let us hold the Hope of Christ’s Resurrection as we remember the many places in the world and in our own lives and neighbourhoods where see death and destruction. May we live into the hope that the light and love of Christ will overcome, in spite of our brokenness.

“Jesus is the only one who has done something about death.”

Jade Holownia, pastor at Tenth Church in Vancouver

Greetings for this Holy Week from General Secretary, Jeremy Bell
The Cry to God as 'Father'
    in the New Testament
is not a calm acknowledgment 
    of a universal truth about 
God's abstract fatherhood.
It is the Child's cry
    out of a nightmare. 

It is the cry of outrage,
    fear, shrinking away,
when faced with the horror
    of the 'world'
    -- yet not simply or exclusively
    protest, but trust as well. 

'Abba Father'
    all things are possible
        to Thee ...

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
From the Celtic Book of Prayer, Book 1

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