The weekend of April 19th saw the mass shooting of 22 people in Nova Scotia. The regional minister for the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada released the following statement.

“Today I come to you with great sadness and a deep sense of loss, as we try to make sense of the terrible events that unfolded across northern Nova Scotia over the weekend. To the families who lost loved ones, let me say we grieve with you…”


  • Pray for all those affected. This is a crucial time to be a people of prayer!
  • Respond quickly and carefully online. From your individual and church social media pages, express sympathy and call your community to a time of prayer and showing solidarity with those affected by the loss. Update the home page of your website.
  • Invite people to reach out for prayer on Zoom or over the phone.
  • Adjust online communication to acknowledge the tragedy and be sensitive to those affected. Edit or remove any scheduled posts or emails that will be sent out, so that you don’t come across as offensive or tone-deaf.
  • Find out what you can do to support grief care and recovery in your community. Approach local businesses or organizations to see what they are doing and what their needs are.

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