In this time of challenge where we lean into the Lord’s care and one another’s community, we are encouraged when we hear of new or renewed ideas that we can learn from. Don Sewell from Faith in Action Initiatives at Baylor University Medical Center has shared a link from Tracy Smith on COVID-19: 100 Ideas for Ministers and Ministry Leaders. Don has such extensive experience in managing, resourcing, and responding to needs in North America and far beyond. He is a key person at the North American Baptist Fellowship that leads our engagement around disaster resource and relief. Thank you Don for sharing.

Please keep looking at the headlines from some of our partner that Brian Kaylor has placed on our website regarding church experiences. Keep looking at this, as they update all the time.

A challenge; please share your stories in this season. We are very encouraged that people are finding ways to meet and grow in community. What about the stories of engaging the vulnerable, community around you, what’s happening in the lives of your parishioners some of whom have been infected by the virus, some who in fact have died? Do you have stories and pictures of a grandchild outside the window of a grandparent’s resident, holding a sign, playing an instrument, or just being present?

Finally, tell us the story of how God is leading you in ways you could have never hoped to imagine. PLEASE remember, in the challenge of this season, that the church throughout history and even now, has been the primary agent for compassion and care for those around them. Share those stories, for it is not to us, not to us, but to thine be the glory.  Send us your stories to Jeremy@jeremyrbell dot com

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