As the largest African American global missional community, Lott Carey has watched with horror the events unfolding across the United States and the world as people of all aged groups, racial backgrounds, and ethnicities take to the streets to protest the killing of yet again, another Black man by a police officer. Regrettably, this scene continues to play out all too often on the streets of American cities and especially in Black neighborhoods. We are at a crossroad, confronted by the Coronavirus on one hand and gross violence and abuse by some members of Law Enforcement on the other. 
We condemn these acts of racial injustice and stand with those on the frontlines championing the cause for freedom and equality and with the protesters in exercising their rights to engage in peaceful demonstrations. It is unthinkable that in 2020, the United States, a nation that prides itself as a beacon of democracy, is seen as an oppressive authoritarian regime that seeks to stifle the freedom of speech enshrined in the Constitution. America has lost all sense of moral authority and respect and is no longer considered a country where others will turn in moments of crisis.
This inhumane act by law enforcement reminds us that after 400 years of struggling for fundamental human rights for which our fore-parents fought, bleed, and died, we are still subjects to abuse by those in positions of power. The horrific scene captured on video as George Floyd cried for help is reminiscent of other Black men and women who were caught in the web of a system plagued with racist tendencies that have snuffed out the lives of too many of our sons and daughters. George Floyd now joins the chorus of voices of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, and many others crying out from the grave.
These reprehensible acts against Blacks and people of color must stop. The dehumanization of African Americans and all people of color must come to an end.
We are appalled by the political posturing and lament the exploitation of the Holy Bible.
We reject the systemic racism that is embedded in the soul of this nation.
We call for a national dialogue to address the root cause of racial injustice and suppression of freedom.
We call for law enforcement to apply the same standards of policing to all, recognizing that in God’s economy, all of humanity is created equal. 
We call upon policy makers to account to enact policies to address pervasive injustices and systemic inequalities. 
We remind the establishment that being Black should not be a crime in America or anywhere else in the world.
We call on the President of the United States to unite the country and cease with the rhetoric of division.
We call on provocateurs and agitators to refrain from acts of destruction and violence.
We call on all peace-loving people to join forces and fight to eradicate decades of institutionalized racism.
We call on our white brothers and sisters to add their voices in advocating for immediate change.
We call on the faith community to join us in praying for the family of George Floyd in their hour of grief and for the healing of America.
We reaffirm our faith in the God of Justice.
We affirm the teachings of Jesus, who calls us to love one another.
We pray in the words of Amos 5:24, …Let justice roll down like water and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

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