About NABF

The NABF represents 22 Baptist denominations, unions, and mission societies in Canada and the U.S. with 19.8 million members and 55,000 congregations. Our President is Samuel Tolbert, and our General Secretary is Jeremy Bell.

Rev. Dr. Samuel Tolbert
Rev. Jeremy Bell
General Secretary

Member Denominations

Canadian Baptist Ministries201799786,749
Canadian National Baptist Convention201740423,130
United States of America 
American Baptist Churches USA20175,0811,158,875
Baptist General Association of Virginia20171,376614,575
Baptist General Convention of Missouri201715043,000
Baptist General Convention of Texas20175,3472,024,997
Chin Baptist Churches USA201610913,315
Converge Worldwide20161,312322,293
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship20161,800750,000
Czechoslovak Baptist Convention of USA & Canada20164700
District of Columbia Baptist Convention201715640,000
General Association of General Baptists201782150,365
Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Convention, USA20162,6001,160,000
Missionary Baptist Conference, USA202152
National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. International201612,3363,106,000
National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.201621,1458,415,100
National Missionary Baptist Convention of America2004300400,000
North American Baptist Conference201638050,000
Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.20171,2001,500,000
Russian-Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Union, USA, Inc.201214950
Seventh Day Baptist General Conference USA & Canada, Ltd. 2017763,000
Union of Latvian Baptists in America
(Amerikas Latviešu Baptistu Apvienība)           
Zomi Baptist Churches of America2017363,500
Totals for North America 55,64919,766,653

Read the NABF’s Bylaws here


Interested in becoming a member? Individuals, churches, denominations and other Baptist affiliated organizations can all become members of the NABF. 

Here’s what membership offers: 

As the regional body of the Baptist World Alliance, membership with the NABF connects you to a network of churches and denominations across the continent. Membership gives an opportunity to participate with a greater knowledge in the work of the NABF. That opportunity not only indicates financial support in annual membership fees, but an opportunity to share with one another and pray with one another . 

Membership gives you access to: 

  • Fellowship with dozens of denominations, thousands of church leaders and millions of congregants across the US and Canada
  • Resources and training opportunities 
  • Collaborative networks in many specific relevant areas including: 
    • Planning, collaborating in supporting one another in Disaster Relief
    • The NABF Scholars Collaboration, with access to expertise in a broad and relevant set of categories that are of impact in the church. 
    • A Creation Care network 
  • Email newsletters from our General Secretary 
  • Bi-monthly virtual meeting, which shares highlights, challenges and celebrations with one another, and truly there is much exciting news to share across our fellowship

Attend our Annual Meeting, where you can fellowship and meet with Baptist leaders from across the continent, hear inspiring and relevant speakers, and have access to topical networking groups and training sessions. 

Here’s what’s required: 

Annual Fee Structure*

*Larger groups may wish to contribute more; you may also choose to give in monthly instalments. 

  • Individual:  $99
  • Church: $250 – $500+
  • Seminary, College, Christian Organization: $250 – $1000+
  • Become a Member

    To inquire about membership, Baptist churches, organizations and denominations in the US and Canada can contact us via email admin@nabfellowship.org or toll free by phone: 1-(888) 691-6223.

    Individuals interested in membership can also use the form below.

    As an Associate Member of the North American Baptist Fellowship, we covenant with millions of Baptists worldwide to affirm the historical and Trinitarian Christian faith as expressed in Holy Scripture.

    Contact Us

    If you have questions about the NABF, you can reach us at admin@nabfellowship.org or toll free by phone: 1-(888) 691-6223.