NABF Bylaws

Article 1:  Name.  The name of the organization is the North American Baptist Fellowship (NABF).

Article 2:  Purpose.

                  Section 1:  To promote fellowship, mission and cooperation among Baptists in Canada and those in the United States.

                  Section 2: To actively facilitate and resource member bodies in collaborating and sharing resources and best practices in the areas of creative ministry, disaster relief, justice, mercy,  evangelism, and fresh expressions of the church.

                  Section 3:  To act as an agency for the expression of Biblical faith and historically distinctive Baptist principles and practices.

                  Section 4:  To encourage member participation in the international work of the Baptist World Alliance as these relate to the Baptists in Canada or in the United States

Article 3:  Membership.

                  Section 1:  Any organized Baptist group or individual in either Canada or in the United States may be a member of the NABF.

                  Section 2: Membership is open to those who ascribe to the following intent: 

                  Section 3:  Members assume a fair and reasonable share of financial support for the work of the NABF.

                  Section 4:  Those interested in membership may apply by a simple letter of request for membership in the NABF.

                  Section 5:  The General Council shall review and act upon all letters of either admission into or withdrawal from participation pertaining to membership in the NABF.

Article 4:  Governance

                  Section 1.1:  The General Council of the NABF is composed of the NABF Officers, the General Secretaries (CEOs) or their designates of the NABF member bodies, the NABF General Secretary, the Vice-Presidents of the NABF, the NABF Women’s Union, the North American Baptist Youth Committee, and College Presidents affiliated with the NABF. 

                  Section 1.2:  The General Council or those empowered to do so have the power to elect the officers and the General Secretary of the NABF.

                  Section 1.3:  The General Council receives and acts upon reports of the Executive Committee, the Administrative Committee and the General Secretary.  

                  Section 1:4:  Each member of the General Council has one vote regardless of the various roles that person may fill among Baptists.

                  Section 1.5:  The meetings of the General Council are open to all Baptists in Canada or in the 

United States who seek to further the aims and objectives of the NABF.


                  Section 2.1:  The officers are those of President, four Vice-Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, a General Secretary and the immediate Past President of the NABF.  The General Secretary has the power to add any number of Vice-Presidents as that person sees fit.

                  Section 2.2:  The officers serve for two years, taking office at the conclusion of the meeting of the General Council in which they were elected.  They are eligible for re-nomination and can serve for up to three terms.

                  Section 2.3:  The General Secretary serves a term of three years and is eligible for re-election. This person is the executive officer of the NABF.  The General Secretary will be presented to the General Council of the Baptist World Alliance for election as the NABF Regional Secretary of the BWA (BWA Bylaw XII.3).  

                  Section 2.4:  Duties of the officers will be traditional as described in the offices, although the President and the General Secretary in consultation with one another may develop duties of any particular office to fit the skills and experience of the occupant. 

Article 5:  Standing Committees and Groups

                  Section 1.1:  The Executive Committee is made up of the officers of the NABF, the CEO’s (or their designates) of the national denominational member bodies and up to six at-large seats.  The Executive Committee may co-opt members of other committees or of groups as necessary. 

                  Section 1.2:  The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the finances of the NABF, the evaluation of the work of the NABF, and the nomination of Officers and of the General Secretary of the NABF. 

                  Section 2.1:  The Administrative Committee is composed of the President of the NABF, the General Secretary, the Recording Secretary and the Treasurer.

                  Section 2.2:  The Administrative Committee reports to the Executive Committee and through that committee to the General Council.

                  Section 3.1:  Members of the varied Baptist World Alliance Committees or Commissions constitute NABF Kindred Groups.

                  Section 3.2:  The purpose of the kindred groups is to encourage networking and to promote fellowship of NABF member bodies in ministry and mission among one another, among the lay people related to the members of the NABF and within the broader fellowship of the Baptist World Alliance.    

Article 6:  Meetings of the Membership

                  Section 1.1:  The General Council meets twice annually receiving reports from the General Secretary, the Executive Committee or the Administrative Committee and acting upon these reports.

                  Section 1.2:  The Executive Committee shall meet annually, or more often as needed at the call of either the General Secretary of the NABF or the President of the NABF.

Section 1.3:  The Administrative Committee may act for the NABF between the meetings of its other entities upon the call of any one of its members, receiving reports from other committees and groups and creating reports for either the Executive Committee or the General Council, as necessary.

                  Section 1:4:  Kindred Groups will meet annually at the meeting of the General Council and may meet more regularly as they decide, in whatever way they decide to do so. 

Article 7:  Elections:   Election of officers and of the General Secretary will occur, when necessary, at the last meeting of the year.  Elected officers will take office at the first meeting of the following year.

Article 8:  Financial

                  Section 1.1:  The fiscal year for the NABF will run from July 1 to June 30.

                  Section 1.2:  Dues for each participating members will be from the smaller regional/state bodies, $1,500 annually and from the larger regional/state or national bodies, $3,000 annually.  The dues of each are payable (as they are able) in US dollars or an equivalent in Canadian dollars and is tied to the US Consumer Price Index beginning in 2020.

                  Section 1.3:  Indebtedness by the NABF shall occur only after consideration and vote of the General Council.  

                  Section 1:4:  Payment of NABF credit card indebtedness shall be reviewed by the President.

                  Section 1:5:  Reports of the Treasurer will be placed before the Executive Committee as requested and before the General Council at its meetings.  Audits will be sought only in exceptional cases.

                  Section 1:6:  The NABF shall indemnify any officer, member, employee or agent of the NABF from liability incurred by such persons in the appropriate exercise of his or her duties with respect to the organization, pursuant to D.C. Nonprofit Corporation Act of 2010, or any successor statute

                  Section 1:7:  Upon any dissolution of the NABF, assets are to be distributed equally to the members of the NABF or upon their written designation to the Baptist World Alliance.  

Article 9:  Administrative Staff  

                  Section 1:1  The chief administrative officer of the NABF is the General Secretary.

                  Section 1:2  The General Secretary will employ, upon consultation with the Administrative Committee and the Executive Committee, and supervise any staff necessary to the work of the NABF, within the limits of the resources of the NABF.

Article 10:  Amendments to the Bylaws

                  Section 1.1  The Bylaws of the NABF may be amended by the General Council upon recommendation by the Executive Committee.

                  Section 1.2   The Executive Committee shall notify the membership of the General Council in writing of the proposed amendment(s).

                  Section 1.3   Amendments shall be approved by majority vote of those members of the General Council present.  

                  Section 1.4  Notice of approved amendments will be forwarded to the offices of the Baptist World Alliance.