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Warnock, Progressive National Baptists Focus on Voting Rights During Annual Meeting

The Rev. Raphael Warnock addresses a virtual 60th annual gathering of the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2021. Video screengrab (RNS) — The Rev. Raphael Warnock urged the Progressive National Baptist Convention to keep fighting to protect voting rights as the historically Black denomination held its annual meeting. “If we don’t check what […]

The Young and Secular are Least Vaccinated, Not Evangelicals

(ANALYSIS) As the delta variant has caused COVID-19 to surge again in the United States, there’s been a flurry of attention paid to the share of Americans who have chosen to forgo the vaccine against the coronavirus. Trying to understand the causal factors that would lead to one not getting the inoculation seems to be the first task when […]

Messages from Hell

Written by Brian Kaylor, Word & Way Rev. Lucifer Satan of Woke Baptist Church in Kansas City, Missouri, recently offered us his support. As did Dr. Right Rev. Nimrod Covid Vaccine of the Church of Satan in Hell. The state for the latter congregation wasn’t noted, but I’m assuming Kansas. Both “ministers” claimed email addresses […]