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Christian Nationalism

Panelists: Curtis Freeman – Research Professor of Theology and Director of the Baptist House of Studies, Duke Divinity School Barry Harvey – Professor of Theology, Honors College, Baylor University Samuel Perry – Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Oklahoma Cheryl Kirk-Duggan – Professor of Religion, Shaw University Divinity School

A Call to Take Responsibility

This has been such an overwhelming and tumultuous week, I have tried to find ways of expressing the overwhelming sadness and I have found in part with Ray Aldred of the Vancouver School of Theology. – Jeremy Bell, General Secretary of the NABF. As Canada grapples with the discovery of the unmarked graves of 215 children […]

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New Podcast: Dangerous Dogma

There are a lot of problematic ideas animating American Christianity today. The false hopes stirred by the prosperity gospel linger. White supremacist and patriarchal readings of scripture continue to deny the Image of God and equal humanity inherent in each person while contributing to the perpetuation of unjust social structures. The White Nationalism that helped […]