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It’s Ever Given for Greed to Crash

Over the past week, global media coverage and internet memes gravitated to a massive container ship stuck in the Suez Canal. And as the boat clogged international shipping, our modern economic pharaohs gnashed their teeth. Cutting a waterway through the Egyptian desert was a dream of the ancient pharaohs. Several of them ordered canal-building efforts, […]

Christian Nationalism is a Barrier to Mass Vaccination Against COVID-19

(The Conversation) – While the majority of Americans either intend to get the COVID-19 vaccine or have already received their shots, getting White evangelicals to vaccination sites may prove more of a challenge – especially those who identify as Christian nationalists. A Pew Research Center survey conducted in February found White evangelicals to be the religious group least likely […]

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Behind Gallup’s Portrait of Church Decline

(RNS) — As Holy Week began this year, a Gallup Poll found that church membership in the United States had declined to less than half of the population for the first time. The headline grabbed attention, but it’s mostly unsurprising: In a country where 90% of the 350,000 congregations in the U.S. have a profile older than […]

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Crucified Between Two Proud Boys

Governor Pilate looked out the window of the executive mansion. He could see the edge of a large crowd gathered nearby outside the Virginia State Capitol. What he saw looked similar to the images he’d just flipped past on multiple network news channels. Soon, he’d stand between the white pillars at the Capitol’s front, overlooking […]

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Despair & Hope in Holy Week

(RNS) — If you are a news junkie, like me, it is easy to despair. An assault on the Capitol. Mass shootings. Violence targeting racial minorities. Police violence. Another uptick in COVID cases. Tornadoes and flooding in the South. Renters evicted from their homes. Gridlock on Capitol Hill. More politicians and religious leaders accused of […]

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Women and African Americans Now More Likely to Leave the SBC, But So Is Everybody Else 

Though data shows declines across the board, departing members aren’t going far. RYAN BURGE|APRIL 7, 2021 06:00 AM Image: Ismael Paramo / Unsplash The Southern Baptist Convention has been faced with a string of prominent departures last few months. In December, several high-profile African American pastors left after denouncing a statement released by SBC seminary presidents that declared […]

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Thank God. Love Neighbors. Get Vaccinated.

On Monday, the day after Easter, I got my second “Fauci Ouchie.” That means in a couple weeks I should be fully vaccinated and facing much less risk from COVID-19 (though I’ll continue wearing a mask and practicing social distancing to do my part while we fight this virus). Sitting in that vaccination chair just […]

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5 Faith Facts as Baylor & Gonzaga Square Off for NCAA Hoops Crown

(RNS) — March Madness ends tonight with the ultimate church league showdown. For the first time in two years, the NCAA will crown a new men’s Division I basketball champion on Monday (April 5). The game features teams from Baylor University, the world’s largest Baptist university, and Gonzaga University, one of the nation’s 28 Jesuit Catholic […]

Pandemic Altered U.S. Churchgoers’ Discipleship Practices

(Lifeway Research) — Fewer churchgoers filled pews and Bible studies during the pandemic, but many still continued personal discipleship habits throughout 2020. A study by Nashville-based Lifeway Research found U.S. churchgoers were less likely to be involved in small groups during the pandemic, but many added some digital and individual activities to their discipleship routines. “Some have defined discipleship […]

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Despite Hate from Evangelicals, Katherine Hayhoe Sees Climate Hope

NOTE FROM NABF GENERAL SECRETARYI have met, hosted, respected and deeply admired Kathrine Hayhoe for a while now. This is an important article to read and to take encouragement from. I have also have a great deal of time and admiration for Sojourners. Unfortunately the title of this article is divisive and hyperbolically untrue. There is a profound […]