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Daily encouragements

There are a growing number of regular – if not daily – posts and encouragements from a variety of sources. David Hardage from Texas Baptist is one of them, and I encourage us to check-in.

Engaging the future with hope

Brian Ford shares with us how to keep connected during this time. Please note the title and theme of their main news: Engaging the Future with Hope Continuing Mission Work During COVID-19 You are probably wondering how the global pandemic has impacted the work of missionaries around the world, especially our partners in Guatemala and […]

Town-hall about regathering at this stage in the pandemic

 John Upton, David Washburn, and Chris Backert led a town-hall on May 19, specifically around regathering at this stage in the pandemic. Followed by a virtual church webinar on increasing technical skills.

Samuel Tolbert is celebrated by his church

Our President Samuel Tolbert was celebrated by his church with this billboard. And not only that, but I look forward to telling you about the anniversary car procession that went by the Tolbert’s home next week.

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Treating Costco Like My Church

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, our collective impatience grows. The people of Judah spent 70 years in Babylonian exile without the Temple, but we’re not sure we can do Zoom church for more than two months. People protest at state capitol buildings, and dozens of churches across the country have sued government officials. The […]

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The Baptist Academic Community of North America

The Baptist community in North America has a rich, vibrant, and diverse community of researchers, writers, and scholars. Today marks the beginning of sharing this community of scholars with one another, throughout the 22 denominational groups, colleges and almost 20,000,000 people.  We have much to learn from each other and many resources to share. Whether that […]

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Small Groups and Social Distancing

A helpful resource from the Canadian Baptists of Quebec and Ontario By Sheldon Dyck, Pastor of Discipleship and Small Groups, Mississauga City Baptist Church (MCBC) One of my favourite things to do as a pastor of small groups is to invite new friends into Christian community. When I meet those who are new to our church […]

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New life and joy in the most unusual places and times

… a photograph by Jeremy Bell If you have any encouraging pictures you’d like to share during this pandemic, please share them with us at jeremy@jeremyrbell.com

Some encouragement along the way

Just Because the Economy Is Reopening Doesn’t Mean Churches Should

(RNS) — Some states are beginning to lift COVID-19 restrictions, like releasing residents from stay-at-home orders, reopening retail and hospitality businesses with limited capacities, and even allowing elective surgeries. Research has shown that many people are struggling with feelings of isolation and loneliness. People are longing to get back to life as “normal” after weeks of physically […]