by Jeremy Bell


I was looking in vain for a document on my computer when in my frustration I turned to my administrative associate, Zoe Ducklow, and asked whether she might know where it was. Zoe informed me that the document I was seeking was “saved in a place that could not be edited.”

Read the last line very carefully.

Saved in a place that could not be edited. 

I began to ponder those words, thinking not only of the document that I could not retrieve nor  change but of how those words could also reflect the conversion narrative of so many of us. We have a tendency in some North American contexts to see that our relationship with Christ has a beginning point but not many ongoing deepening and journeying aspects to that initial coming to faith.

There are many vivid analogies to this phrase from the parable of the sower and seed in which the seed falls on unproductive ground to the many folk that make initial Christian commitments in so many contexts that seem to falter along the way.

The stories that fit this very simple phrase are interesting but it is my own story that should demand my attention the most. I began to reflect on the question to what degree in my own conversion narrative have I grown, deepened and matured over time. I began to ask myself to what degree had I place myself in a position that I could not be “edited” changed or challenged by God.To what extent  does the Holy Spirit have access to “an editing of me” and to what degree am I open or resistant to that transformation and ongoing maturing by the Spirit, the scriptures and my community.

Saved in a place that can’t be edited … seriously? … please the Lord that it is not true of me this season!

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