Dear sisters and brothers in Christ,

For many who are reading this article the force and power of Hurricane Florence is upon you. If the impact of the hurricane is not upon you  personally it is in all likelihood affecting those you care for, love and serve.

I have written or spoken to people from Virginia to the Carolinas and from media reports that many of us are hearing, the impact of the storm will be far longer and more destructive than many previous disturbances.

There are countless personal and collective responses to this and many disasters both in North America and beyond. You will see attached letters and notations from Aaron Lee and Donald Sewell From Virginia and Texas Baptists respectively; names of organizations and states that have a long and revered history of preparedness and response for which hundreds of thousands of folk are greatly indebted. If you are in a place of danger and distress please know the prayers and thoughts of so very many thousands of others are with you.

If you are in a position of being able to respond either locally or able to engage organizations you are familiar with especially your local state associations please be encouraged to do so.

We pray and seek to aid all those mentioned but most especially those tasked and called as first responders, those who will continue to care for the grieving, the injured and those tasked to the reconstruction ahead.

May the Lords strength, safety and comfort be with us all as we in the NABF intercede for our extended family in Christ and all those God has created in this time of danger.

Warmly in Christ,

Jeremy Bell

From Donald E. Sewell, Ph.D., Director, Joel T. Allison Faith in Action Initiatives: 

Faith in Action Initiatives of Baylor Scott & White will be sending well over 1,000 disaster relief kits.  Some will go with Texas Baptist Men trucks, and some with American Black Cross (evangelical African-American ministry group).   I foresee them coming for these resources at the first of next week.

From Aaron Lee, Disaster Response Coordinator with Virginia Baptist Disaster Response 

Hi friends,

Taking a look at the forecasts sure keeps us on our toes, and it seems we will certainly have a lot of opportunities for ministry in the coming days. I have heard from a few who are preparing to respond, and we especially want to keep our friends in the Carolinas in our prayers over the next few days.

As you and your network prepare to respond, please let us all know if you need specific prayers, volunteers, donated items, and/or support for any of your churches and communities as they respond.

Thanks to you all for what you do in Christ’s name throughout North America.


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