Here are some photos, videos, and podcasts from the North American Baptist Fellowship meeting in Orlando in January.

“Thank you so very much for the time you offered so freely at this years NABF meetings in Orlando. The three dozen of us that were present at various stages represented over 20 denominations and organizations, representing well over 8 million people and 25,000 churches,” NABF General Secretary Jeremy Bell said. “As you know, we chose to engage a variety of topics, but more importantly, we created space for each other so that the God given wisdom that I have found so strongly apparent amongst us might be animated as we invited so many of you to be panel respondents to our main speakers.” created eleven video interviews during the meeting with various participants. 
Watch them all: NABF Meeting 2019

Word&Way recorded four episodes of their Baptist Without An Adjective podcast with various participants:
Jeremy Bell     Suzii Paynter     Samuel Tolbert     David Rowley

And here are some photos from the sessions:

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