Here’s the initial snapshot of our time in Orlando. Looking to share far more widely in all that happened in our time together.

Thank you so very much for the time you offered so freely at this years NABF meetings in Orlando. The three dozen of us that were present at various stages represented over 20 denominations and organizations, representing well over 8 million people and 25,000 churches.

As you know, we chose to engage a variety of topics, but more importantly, we created space for each other so that the God given wisdom that I have found so strongly apparent amongst us might be animated as we invited so many of you to be panel respondents to our main speakers.

I wanted to thank you all and celebrate the renewal of our time together as an NABF; knowing that because of the timing of our meetings, so many that wanted to be with us wanted to be present, I will be linking different stories, photographs, ongoing conversations, issues from our business meeting, and most especially the timing of our next meeting in the next couple of weeks. But, for now, thank be to God that our common ground in Christ transcends so very much.

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