We entered these meetings thankful for over 60 people who attended the NABF sessions in Zurich. It was a particular encouragement that over 1/4 of those present participated in some way in that meeting.

These annual meetings have been described in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, a gathering of leaders or representatives from denominations and other agencies. In Orlando this year we had 17 denominations and five affiliated organizations.

  • The denominations represent 30,000 congregations out of the 55,000 churches who make up the NABF
  • The groups present will account for approximately 8.9 million members out of the NABF total of 19.7 million people.

Previous meetings have often focused on one particular theme. During the search process for NABF Secretary General, it was made clear that it would be beneficial to engage several topics together at each meeting, since we have few opportunities to gather. This year’s meeting reflects that varied approach. We engaged in several new topics of various points in the meeting.

  • Timing of meeting
  • General access to membership
  • Regional associate general secretaries
  • Emphasis and use of each meeting during the year
  • Bylaw and constitution … and more

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